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Discount coupons in panama

Greetings, I make this post with the purpose of knowing in which countries are valid the coupons of discount, that is to say I am going to travel to Panama and I would like to know if there are stores, whether it be telephone, food, clothing etc ... that there serve Discount coupons, if so, please tell me what stores are! Thank you view more

Can I post UK Deals?

Hi, I am new to the site having found a really fantastic code saving me 20% on shopping a US site. I am in the UK. I am trying to post a deal for a UK site but the saving only gives the option to be shown in $ rather than £. Not sure therefore if it is relevant. Please advise. Thank you. view more

Amazon Gift Cards

Hi Emily.! It's me again, and this time I have an idea that I like to share with the community. I think it's a good idea to send the payments in single $10 gift card instead of a single one with all the accumulated amount. Why? Because there are people like me that don't want to use all the payment or gift a part or that to another person and there's no way to divide a $100 gift card view more