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Who cares? in: Random

What happened with Menards?

I hope this post doesn't cause any problems but I'm curious about something, not sure where to post this topic so I'll put it at random. I saw Menards was a store on here so I wanted to add a deal they were having, I did last week and saw someone else had done the same previously, but today I couldn't find the store anywhere on the site and when I typed in the name it said something to the effect of "This store doesn't allow coupons to be posted here." Huh?! I'm curious to what's going on with that. You'd think stores would want to promote their buisness or whatever by spreading the word and what not, so I'm wondering what they have a problem with? Just doesn't make sense to me. And for the record it wasn't even a coupon I wanted to post, just a sale they were having. view more


What should you do if you think your posts are being "invalidated" unfairly?

Lately I've been afraid to post deals as "sitewide" even if the email or whatever says it's sitewide because people keep flagging my posts as incorrectly labeled as sitewide. And also I recently had one flagged for something, like grammer, spelling, or problem with the title... but I don't see how there was anything wrong with it. I think people are confused or something. view more


Currency Problem

Hi, I recently posted a deal and it posted in US Dollars when it should be UK Pounds...how do I change it and how do I ensure any future deals are shown in pounds, Thanks view more


How to fix your posted deals?

I've noticed that people have been "invalidating" some of my stuff, such as for being incorrectly labeled as a site-wide deal, (one which wasn't even originally mine but I revalidated it so I guess it became mine?). Well I went to edit my deal to try and take the "site-wide" tag off but for some reason it wouldn't remove itself, it kept showing as site-wide even though I clicked it off. And with another post I kept uploading screenshots but they weren't showing for some reason. I don't know if it's glitchy or if there's bugs or what but something needs to be fixed. And another thing is there was a promo code that I went to validate but someone seemed to have mistakenly set it to start in the future, but the deal already started so I kept trying to fix it but I couldn't see where to fix the start time so there was nothing I could do. And there was at least one expired deal that I reactivated but it kept saying it expired. So I dunno, a few things to fix I guess. view more