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Hello, I have a problem.

hello friends for dealspotr, I hope they are very good, I only write for the following, I have waited for 4 days for my gift card and it still does not reach my mail, and I wanted to see what possibility it was that they would solve my problem, I only hope they are very good, and thank you for your attention. view more


Verydice App

I just downloaded the Verydice app. You do various things to earn tickets (i.e. roll dice, spin wheel, watch videos, take polls, etc.) which can be redeemed for prizes. Sounds easy enough. If you download please used my referral code 3543856. view more


Question About Accuracy Score

My accuracy score has decreased over the last several months, and I haven't changed my deal posting process. I started with Dealspotr from the beginning and I'm extremely careful in what I post. My accuracy score is 60%, which seems to indicate that 40% of my deals are inaccurate and I find that difficult to believe. Can anyone shed any light on this? view more

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