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Gift card delays

Hey everyone! We are hard at work making adjustments to optimize the way we reward gift cards. There might be a slight delay in gift card redemption, which we are hoping to speed up once we've fully optimized the new process. view more

I call any moderator

I am having a trouble, My reward changed to status "sent" on september 12th, but unfortunately I had problems with the email and I'm currently unable to acces to it, so I don't know if my reward arrived or not. So, I ask to any moderator to resend the reward to the new email that I updated in my profile settings. view more

Point readjustment

Hello Emily Helwig i just saw that i had 6000 points withdrawn from my balance.Can you tell me what it was for? i haven't validated any deal for 4 days now.And i would very much like for you to notify us or tell us that we're not following the site's guidelines,because some of us spend a fair share amount in this community and to have everything snatched at the end of the day makes you want to give up. view more

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, I am Miguel. I registered from 3 weeks ago and now I am introducing myself because I had problems with my grandmother's health but I am here again to work with Dealspotr! view more