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10 days waiting for a gift card and I'm wasting my time

I waited 10 days to receive the gift card and I suddenly receive a penalty and nothing from the card. I also have to ask again, even though I have enough points to cover it ... I understand that if I made an error, I would be penalized, I will try not to do it again, but if it was verified, I would start again and wait for more days ... It seems that they delay unnecessarily to avoid having to give the reward offered.I start to believe that this page is another waste of time


andres navarro As other users have said in the forums, it's actually quite easy to receive a gift card! We appreciate our users very much and want to reward them for the great work they're doing! If your request was denied, it's because you're participating in abusive behavior that's not good for the site. In your case, you're only posting or reactivating deals for stores with more than 30 promo codes, which is against our Deal Posting Guidelines. Please improve your deal posting activity before requesting a new gift card, as without change in your activity, it'll be denied again.