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21 days and there is no payment

21 days and I still do not receive payment from February 8/2, imagine how much time you have to spend now to receive a gift card are playing with us and with our payment. They do not say anything, they do not say if this is going to be fixed, if it is going to be like that they always do not comment anything. and we are still bad.

Luis Culpa This is an abuse of hand, I have also 21 days waiting for my payment , and nothing , and the worst thing is that it does not answer for the payments nor for the Forums I thought that this year would improve.


Dealspotr Support hello request my payment and I received a readjustment of points based on that I'm only doing one type of work, please check my work so you can see that I do several jobs like reactivate, confirm promosional codes, and deals without promosional codes, I do not think that should be sanctioned if I perform a variety of jobs.