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A Warning About Reactivating Deals

Hello my friendly Dealspotrs! I wanted to let you all know about a pattern we've been seeing on the site.

Some deals are being reactivated, set with a new expiration date of 2 or 3 days later, and then immediately reactivated again once they expire - and this goes on and on.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to know the exact expiration date of a code, deal, or sale. But that's okay! Try setting the date for 2 weeks out. Here's an example:

Say you are reactivating a code, and you set the new expiration date of a deal to 2 weeks from now. Most likely, a code that has been working for a while will still be working in 2 weeks. And if it's not, a fellow Dealspotr user can invalidate the deal, and earn points for themselves! Remember - when a user invalidates a deal you posted you do not lose points.

Reactivating deals is super helpful to the Dealspotr community! I just want to make sure we are all reactivating correctly. If we do happen to see this reactivation abuse, your account will be adjusted accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

andre reyes

Emily Helwig This is true, I knew that sooner or later this would happen and action would be taken to resolve it, I have a question for you emily, when a user makes a invalidation of a code that has published another user, the user that made the offer is affected and His accuracy is diminished, now to speak more clearly. I will put an example and I make this offer ... "Save 10% Off on Your Next Purchase" ... with code 7582276, the title is fine but there are certain users that are dedicated to invalidate offers and the title of the offer remove the Word "save" and they get "get" and for this reason the user who made the offer is affected by the invalidation or modification of the other user ... there are users who only do is modify the offers to hurt the others Users who want to do a better job every day.

Emily Helwig

andre reyes I have seen this happening as well, and frankly it's another case of abusive behavior. If a user takes the word "get" off of your title, you should not be penalized - if this happens to you, please send me the link to the deal and I'll get it sorted out!

andre reyes
Emily Helwig You see, that after this user "edits" the deal, I am penalized https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-save-15-off-your-next-order-at-high-sierra



The user couponaddict modifies the titles removes the "save" places "get" and for example here I uploaded a new deal with expiration of 7 days and this and user modified it and put expired in 6 days and for this I penalize.

Emily Helwig help! :D

Emily Helwig

andre reyes Hi! So she didn't edit the title at all, she just changed the expiration date from 9/2 (as you had it) to 8/8, when the deal expires.

Emily Helwig Hello Emily Thank you for the warning, normally I adjusted the date to a week, and I was doing it in several offers today, I assume that the evaluation by the moderators will now be immediate, ie I am going to be penalized or this warning will begin to become effective next week?

Jorge F.A.G

Emily Helwig Emily is a pleasure speak with you, i have a question, how many reactivatings can I do for pages or stores? I ask you because some stores have many code expired waiting for reactivating and I dont know if this will be a problem.

Emily Helwig

Jorge F.A.G There's no set number - but your main goal should be to help the greater Dealspotr community, not just earn points.


Hello Emily, good evening, I would like to know if this penalty is due to that pattern of abuse, since I did not know about this penalty, and it is the second time that I have been palliated, and as for the reactivation, the expiration date should be Between 1 week or 2?

Emily Helwig

ERLP Hello! As you can see in the message, your issue is that you're only confirming deals. Try branching out and creating a new deal, or invalidating one that's no longer working!

Axcel Rojas

Hello, how are you Emily Helwig ? I have a question, people who have reactivated offers using a date of 2 or 3 days, but at the end of that time they never reactivate the same offer, will they be penalized? ... Because I when reactive I use that pattern of reactive time using 2 or 3 extra days of expiration, since I do not know when they actually expire, but after that time, I do not reactivate the same offers.

Emily Helwig

Axcel Rojas Hi! Try not to do that - even if you don't know the exact end date, just put it for 2 weeks out. You shouldn't be penalized for that, but let me know if you do.


Hi Emily Helwig , I would like to know, if you can help me how to publish a new agreement, since I tried to post one and they penalize me for it, and I do not know what to do

Emily Helwig
Hi emily I would like to know how many reactivations, validations and invalidations can I do not to be penalized

Emily Helwig
Emily and it is obligatory to create new agreements to reactivate part to not be penalized or can be reactivated in combination of validate and invalidate

Emily Helwig

aurelio moreno Hello! Your Dealspotr activity should be a good mix of activities, from creating new deals to confirming a deal that has yet to be confirmed. I would say that the best way to approach the site is by thinking "How can I create, edit, or invalidate deals in a way that's helpful to someone who wants to actually use this deal?"

Emily Helwig

Emily Helwig José Andreas here are the guidelines for reactivating deals. Penalties are not meant to discourage participation, they are only meant to warn users when they have committed a particularly severe case of abuse. Please feel free to ask any questions about the reactivation process here.

Emily Helwig Hi Emily helwig, how are you? I need to ask a couple of questions and I want you to respond quickly, what is the reason why I have been downgraded quickly? I need to know that I am doing wrong to correct my mistake, and my other question is this: What should I do to get my reward from my first card? Please draw me out of doubt...

Emily Helwig Now I understand everything, but you did not tell me how I do or what I must do to recover my reward, Could you tell me what I should do to get the reward?

Emily Helwig

RAÚL Hi! That URL isn't working for me - I'll be happy to help if you send me a new link!

Emily Helwig Hi emily, how do you want to ask yourself a question, what is the reason why it takes so long to take away the negative points? Thank you, I await your prompt reply.

denzel fox

Emily Helwig
Emily please could you help me with this problem i do not understand. I did my rectivations well even validate and invalidate and they made me an adjustment of the same way

Emily Helwig

denzel fox Hi Denzel! Please read the first post in this thread for more information about reactivating deals. The pattern of your deal reactivations was why you were penalized.