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Question about Dealspotr

In an unexpected way I took my third sanction consecutively, first they took me 5000 points for alleged patterns of abuse, that disappointed me but since I had already invested a work of two weeks I also strive to do 3000 points to complete my reward of $ 20, despite only to have done 3000 points received a new sanction discontent 5000, that I did not see logic, because I decided not to work more and expect my reward of $ 10, and now I am surprised to remove 4000 despite not working. all to not send me a card that with effort I win. It seems to me that things should not be done that way

I do not want to offend anyone even though the situation really upsets me

I think that if I fulfilled a job also you must fulfill the reward they offer .


Game Of Thrones Hi! As you can see from the notification your account was flagged for the amount of confirmations you've made recently. Try mixing up your deal posting activity in the future. Thank you.


Dealspotr Support Hi, If you look at the image you can see that I did not actually post anything else, just earn points for my references. For this reason the last sanction should not precede. It is obvious that they do not want to pay the reward