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Abusive behavior: creating fake screenshots

We have noticed some users attempting to abuse the Dealspotr system to earn points and wanted to send out an announcement. Some users are attempting to earn points by creating fake screenshots.

Any user found doing this will be immediately banned from Dealspotr and all points will be lost.

If you suspect other users doing this behavior, please send me a private message with links to the deals in question. We will investigate further.


Jimmy Doheny There was reason in what we told you. and this is what moderators should be more aware of

Daniel Star

Jimmy Doheny Thanks!!! Now I feel that complaints are heard and actions are taken


Jimmy Doheny It seems good to me that they are taking into account some of our requirements but it would be excellent if the delay in the sending of the Gift Cards was also taken into account. Hopefully one of the many changes is to our benefit, 7 days of waiting is much

Daniel Star

Jimmy Doheny Hi there, i have more of this type of fake screenshots, screenshots where the store logo is not on the screen and more. This ussers are:

Fake screenshots



Upload screenshots without logo


I hope you can take a look of this and do something about it, Thanks

Jimmy Doheny The other issue is that a user like https://dealspotr.com/@Mimundo is changing the user name at all times will also be doing a bad job and does not want to be discovered. and thanks to him, now there are so many people working badly because he was one of the first users who reported when he had the @eleganteMax account
Daniel Star

Jimmy Doheny Please take a look of these ussers, one of them have more than a year active doing fake screenshots.





Mimundo Thanks for sending this over. I'm having the quality team take a look.

@jimmyd I also want to add that I find these reports made by the user very helpful **. What you should also keep in mind @jimmyd is that this user is also the former https://dealspotr.com/@ElegannteMax whose account was closed for creating false images. I have proofs that are the same user because there is a YouTube channel called MundoAx where this user explains the way to use the platform and in these videos you can see how the user was https://dealspotr.com/@ElegannteMax and now the user is https://dealspotr.com/@Mimundo/. I hope it is reviewed and does not fail to be a multi-account user. You can check what I say by watching your videos, here is the user https://dealspotr.com/@ElegannteMax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd_38_ufg-8&t=42s and now in this video https: / /www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMojB7Bf0R8 is the user https://dealspotr.com/@Mimundo. It should also be noted that this user although no longer creates false images, only works with reactivations. I hope the Dealspotr team takes this into account as well.

Jimmy Doheny It cannot be that a user who was dedicated to creating his own captures now comes with double standards. So we do not know if he on that YouTube channel taught users that now they do the same as he already started and without knowing if he would start doing the same thing again because he already has a bad reputation

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@ViaCygnus @jimmyd Jimmy Doheny It calls my attention that the user https://dealspotr.com/@Mimundo changed his name and profile picture after the previous exhibition. Now is https://dealspotr.com/@ViaCygnus/deals. Does this show any failure in his work? Or is it that he really recognizes that he was previously one of the users who generated his images and now denounces those who do? It just makes me think that it is eliminating competition. I hope this change call the attention of the moderators.

Jimmy Doheny Hello, I sent you a message with a list of fake/invalid deals. Please check and respond. Thanks.


DealsIn Hi there, can you post your list here please, so you can know when they really close those accounts. Thanks


The offer is valid, the code works, the screenshot is genuine. The offer is used by buyers. This page delivers different codes to different users. Show different codes. I understand that he thinks this but he can try the code


⚔️ 𝕯𝖎𝖊𝖌𝖔 ⚔️
What Daniel Star wants to understand is that the code works only in the main store but when you try the code in the stores of a single team in general the code does not work and how you facilitate the link of the store of a specific equipment and when you try the code it doesn't work so think that way

Zenny Lu

yilcary cordero There are many brands within this site registered in department stores, for example he saw offers of makeup brands, medicine among others at walgreens, the offer is created under the brand but when you try to validate leads is another site, the important thing is to leave the link where the offer can be searched and the same occurs with many brands where the link is a department store and is valid, purchase offers have never had any problems with these types of offers, even in the category "Deal Posting projects "many brands ... many but many when trying to make a publication the link registered within this site is a department store like macys, belk..etc

Daniel Star

Zenny Lu can you validate any of the offers that i posted? Because i try in the official store and is not working.