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Accuracy Score


Very good day everyone in the community.

I would like someone to tell me, why did my precision score go down? I have been complying with the stipulated parameters and I had an accuracy score of 30, and I could make 25 offers or validations per day. For reasons of time, I had not been able to reach the 25 in the last weeks; but yesterday, I was able to do it (publishing more offers than doing validations), and today I find that my score has dropped to 28 and I can only make 15 offers.

What is the basis for lowering or raising the accuracy score?

I thought I had already understood how Dealspotr works, but once again I find myself lost. It seems unfair to me.


Eilyn Olivier Hi, it looks like you accuracy score went down because two of your deals were rejected by our moderators. You received notifications explaining what was wrong with each deal. Simply go to your dashboard and select "all notifications" to read the reasoning behind each penalty.

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