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Amazon Gift Cards

Hi Emily.! It's me again, and this time I have an idea that I like to share with the community. I think it's a good idea to send the payments in single $10 gift card instead of a single one with all the accumulated amount. Why? Because there are people like me that don't want to use all the payment or gift a part or that to another person and there's no way to divide a $100 gift card

Emily Helwig

Steven Hi Steven! Unfortunately, this isn't an option at this time. Thanks!!

Angela Bailey

Steven You can always buy Amazon gift cards with your payment and send them to friends and family.


Angie Bailey yes, you're right. But you can't divide a payment of $100 on several gift cards. Do you get it?

Angela Bailey
Steven I know, so take your $100 Amazon payment and buy ten $10 Amazon gift cards on Amazon.com if you like.
Angela Bailey
Steven Amazon.com sells Amazon gift cards in many different increments, physical gift cards and e-gift cards. Once you claim your Dealspotr gift card, just use it to purchase gift cards.


Angie Bailey Steven You actually can't use gift cards to buy gift cards. I have tried before and the system won't let you. Still, it would be very time consuming for Dealspotr to send gift cards for every $10 redeemed, so I can understand why that isn't an option. If you want to share your gift cards with friends/family, you could order things for them and have it shipped to their home. I buy things for my mom all the time and have them sent to her.

Angela Bailey

Laura Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that. I just assumed you could. Maybe it's just for Amazon gift cards. Last year I used a Dealspotr gift card to buy gift cards to other places on Amazon, such as Rue21, Forever 21, etc.


Angie Bailey Yeah, I have bought gift cards to other stores too, but a few months ago I tried to order an Amazon gift card to send as a gift, and when it brought me to the checkout, the gift cards weren't an option. I'm not sure why they won't let you do it. That is the only instance I've come across where gift cards weren't accepted as payment.