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Maria Hernandez

Thank you for your concern. As always, there is no guarantee that you will get your gift cards within any certain timeframe. Because we value and appreciate the time you spend curating coupons and earning rewards, we do try to process the gift cards as quickly as we can. That being said, we reserve the right to award your gift cards at any point in the 2-7 business day window, and even longer at times if certain issues arise. You will still be earning and redeeming the same amount of points, but the actual date the rewards are sent out may change occasionally. Again, we appreciate all of the activity on Dealspotr, and encourage you to remember that you are being rewarded with points which you can then redeem for an Amazon gift card. These are in no way official paychecks or paystubs, as Dealspotr is a rewards site, not an employer. Based on site and company needs, the speed of gift card processings do and will fluctuate in the future, so we'd appreciate your continued patience. :)