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Any luck with refurbished products?

Hey all,

I'm curious if anyone has had a really awesome experience with a refurbished product? I recently bought a refurbished MacBook Pro on Tanga, and it's just OK. It acts like an old laptop instead of a new one, which is disappointing.

Thinking back, I don't think I've ever been super happy with a refurbished product. Is it just me?


Jared Lero

Catherine Brock Uh, sad to hear that.

I bought a refurbished xbox one like a year ago, and it is still working perfectly fine. Bought it on Amazon.


Catherine Brock I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro from Amazon and so far I've been pretty happy with it. Compared to my MacBook Air, it takes a bit longer to start up, but otherwise seems to work fine. I ended up giving it to my son and he uses it for making Power Point presentations and writing essays for school,


Angie Bailey Thanks Angie for the feedback. Maybe I'm just unlucky :). I'm thinking about replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive, which should help. I guess after that upgrade, I've still spent less than buying a new one, which is something.


Catherine Brock I never liked refurbished stuffs, no matter how many certificates it has, it will never be the same. I had an awful experience with a refurbished phone and it was...ugh. No worth (in my opinion).


Emilio Ramirez Hey Emilio, thanks for sharing. I'm sorry your phone didn't work out. I think I'm with you -- I'll just avoid the refurbished stuff from now on. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.


Catherine Brock Exactly, prefer spending a bit more of money but I will be sure that I will get a longer warranty and something that just came from the official store and probably will have less chance to die LOL.