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Are extended warranties worth it?

I personally have used 2 of them. My washer's pump was fixed 3 times under warranty and my fridge's compressor just went out in 4 years (so the warranty just bought us a new fridge).

What is your opinion?


Lisa Martin I definitely think so. With four kids, I am hard of my appliances. I get the warranty on everything. My dishwasher and clothes dyer were both replaced twice at no charge in the last five years because of the extended warranty. After three repairs, they just give you a new one. At least that is

the deal with Lowes. Once I got the new one, I only paid for the warranty to be extended another five years.


Laura That's what they are doing on my fridge. When you blow a compressor that literally blew oil everywhere inside, there is no waiting for 3 repairs LOL


Lisa Martin I have never used an extended warranty. We've had a few in the past and they never paid off for us. We do have a life time warranty on the transmission on our Jeep (I hope we never have to use that one)!

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