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bad changes again

one understands that the page must be updated, adapted to the times, but changing it simply with the intention of harming those who work every day on this page is illogical. A couple of months ago they did the same as now and it did not work. why do it again and wait for a different result ... if the intention was to improve the page at least they would bother to explain to users how to work correctly. Now without knowing which page is high volume is like flying blind. that's what they want. It is dishonest.


jose navarro I do not understand what is the purpose with all this if we work to improve this page and with each update only complicate us.

Jimmy Doheny

jose navarro Thanks for your feedback. The product team makes changes to improve the page for shoppers, helping them easily find deals. Can you please share what specific counts you need to see? I can work with the team to make the number more apparent.


Jimmy Doheny We need to know the total number of codes that each store has, including expired ones. this figure before appeared as "all". This new update does not appear so it is difficult to know which stores have more than 30 codes. This to avoid penalties.