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CLOSED: Secret savings hack contest for April 27: Win a $25 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card!

Hello again savings lovers! We're back with another forum contest - this week for Bed Bath & Beyond! We already know you're experts at saving - just look at last weeks contest for Michael's. This week, let's see who can come up with the most unique, helpful, and little-known savings hack for Bed Bath & Beyond!

What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Bed Bath & Beyond? We know about their never-ending coupons - what's one thing they offer that most people don't know about?

Share your tip here in this thread by 12 p.m. PST, Friday, April 28. Try to keep your hack to 100 words or fewer, and no repeats! Include any screenshots as needed. Limit one post per person. We'll compile your contributions into a "top savings hacks" blog post & share on our social channels. See the post from last week here.

The influencer with the most unique, insightful, and helpful tip this week will win a $25 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond! Good luck everyone!


Dealspotr Support Search for purchases that kick back rebates in the form of free gift cards! For example, spend $300 on Calphalon products and receive a $50 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card. Or receive up to $300 back for select mattresses or $50 back on stand mixers. Best of all you can use those famous 20% off coupons and still receive the bonus! Check out other rebate offers too. On Black Friday BB&B offered a $25 rebate with the purchase of a $200 Visa gift card. The Visa card can be used anywhere so that $25 is free money!


Dealspotr Support Sign up for their snail mail newsletter. They send coupons for 20% off at least a few times a month.


Dealspotr Support Save those receipts! If an item you purchase goes on sale AFTER you've purchased, you can go get a price adjustment to the lower price. Also, we all know they always have coupons but if you happen to forget to use one, again, they can adjust the price accordingly.

Keeping a receipt is also handy if you DO have to make a return... you can make it without, but if you paid full price, you'll lose 20% if you have no coupon and your purchase cannot be found in the system... this keeps people from cheating the system and buying with a coupon and returning for full price credit!


Dealspotr Support When you get a 20% coupon but you don't need anything from them at the moment, save it. Those 20% coupons that you get in the mail never expire, so you can save them for when you actually need it next. Also Bed Bath & beyond allows you to stack coupons, their only rule is that you can only use as many coupons as the amount of items you are buying. So the more impulse buys you make (it's hard not to!) the more savings you can add to your purchase!

Emily Helwig Create your wedding registry here and get free gifts when your guests choose to buy from Bed Bath & Beyond. There are various brands who offer incentives for purchasing things like dish sets and glassware solely from them. For example, if you spend $150 on Mikasa products, you will receive a $25 bonus gift card. Simply fill out the gift vendor redemption form (https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/registry/RegistryIncentives) and send it to the qualifying vendors with a copy of your registry to get your gifts.


Dealspotr Support Take advantage of all the sales and coupons that Bed Bath & Beyond is currently offering. Then, sweeten the deal further by paying with a discounted gift card to save up to 8% more. Use a site like Gift Card Granny to find the best deal.


Dealspotr Support Sweet! I love reading the tips from fellow savers. I've learned so many unknown tricks from these contests. Thanks for hosting them!