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begin 6 days later? No chance to edit?

If anyone tried this, someone else uploaded a deal which belongs to your store before you did, you'll know what I'm saying. The coupon has been "locked" to start "in 6 days" and invisible. Even I validate that it works fine.

As my store is currenty rushing for orders, the price is much lower than the real price of my product, I can only hold this deal for 7 days. So 6 days later, that coupon nearly expired.

I don't want to be...You know. But this is ridiculous. As an owner of the store, I cannot delete or change someone submit a future coupon. If my competitors find this, by upload enough scheduled coupons, they can keep me busy everyday until I quit this site and after all destroy my store.

Hopefully someone could tell how to fix or solve this problem.


Andrew Cotton Hi Andrew, I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble. I'm happy to help out and get the issue resolved. I just sent you an email to get more information about the issue.