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Black Friday is next week! What's your Black Friday game plan?

Brave the malls, Hell no, shop online, I'll be too busy eating turkey leftovers!


Amanda perez Hi, I took a look at your deal post- it looks like there was an issue with your title. The value of the tote is not relevant to the deal. Next time try to create a title similar to: "Free tote with any purchase at Baxter of California." If there is a minimum purchase required you could say: "Free tote with any purchase over $25 at Baxter of California." I hope that helps.


@toriadavid Hello beautiful look will be that you can see my account and this is the 3rd time I claim my gift card and something always happens


Carmen Hi Carmen, it looks like many of your deals are still being reviewed. When our moderators approve your deals your accuracy points will increase and you will receive your gift card.


@toriadavid Definitely shopping online. But then probably waiting for Cyber Monday for the better online deals!


Valeria Avet Hi, I took a look at your account- it seems that you lost points on this deal because it was not correctly listed as "single-use."