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Campaigns that never happen?

Why are there so many campaigns that never show they are working with anyone? They sit there for weeks and weeks & the merchant never chooses people to work with. They never decline your application either. Is there a way this can be cleaned up? Or they can expire after an acceptable period of time? It should not take 3 weeks for them to pick someone to work with.


Hi Ellen LaFleche-Christian, thanks for the feedback. We strive to have brands respond to every influencer that applies, but it's something that can definitely still be improved. Here's a few reasons brands might not respond right away:

  • Many brands receive tons of applications, making it difficult for them to respond to each and every influencer.
  • Brands might have a limited budget for their campaign, so they can only work with a few influencers at a time. Many get a new budget on a monthly basis (see next bullet)
  • Brands want to work with influencers on a rolling basis. We have many campaigns that work with influencers over a series of months.

We try to make it as easy as possible for brands to process applications, but it's something that we need to continue improving.


Jimmy Doheny I totally get that. But, if they had chosen even one blogger, it would show on the campaign where it says who they are working with. The ones I am asking about never show they are working with anyone.


Ellen LaFleche-Christian Definitely understand the frustration. We are always working on ways to ensure the brands respond in a timely manner and keeping their campaing up-to-date regarding who they are working with.