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Cannot reactivate or update deals!

Hey there,

I have tried on two different browsers to update (correct) a deal and for another, to reactivate an expired deal. It's as if the buttons don't "activate". If I click on verify the deal, it's fine, if I click on invalidate the deal, it's fine. But nothing happens when I attempt to correct the deal or reactivate an expired deal. What might the issue be?


Michael Quoc I am having the same issue. I can validate and add new deals. but can't edit or reactivate.


Michael Quoc Another issue: when I click on Deals-->Product Deals, nothing happens. I have tried via Explorer and Firefox. I haven't tried other kinds of deals yet (Freebie, bogo, etc.). I'll see if the same is happening with those.


Ibraim P. Hi! Are you still having issues? If you wouldn't mind attaching a screenshot, that would be great!


Vicki Floyd Should be fixed up now! Let me know if you are having issues still :)

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