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Card discount without any logical reason

the page is having problems is discounting and the cards are not arriving without any logical reason

Jimmy Doheny

juan jose marquez As I explained to you over private message, you were adding many link deals that were duplicates on a store page. This does not provide a good experience to shoppers. Dealspotr does not reward users who create duplicate deals. It is in your best interest to double check the store page to see if we have an existing deal there that is similar, so you can avoid this.

I would also recommend focusing on adding codes as that is a good way to avoid any duplicates.


Jimmy Doheny, that's great, this week i'm focusing on that. i'm just want to be sure that you paid the gift cards when we claim for it,


Jimmy Doheny Hi Jimmy. I would like to know what happened to my gift card please. I cannot open a thread to create my claim. What's going on?

Jimmy Doheny

Alexander' Ortega Hm I'll have to investigate further. Can you please send me a private message with screenshots or further information?


Jimmy Doheny I have written several messages to the private and you have not answered me friend, I already sent you another message with the capture of the request of my gift card


martha ponce
I have rejected the card that happens with this page please answer I feel robbed is not fair