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complaint to admin @emily

Hi, a cordial greeting @emily, today I received the bad news that my first reconsidered for my hard work of validating coupons on your page was revoked, and I was fined unfairly by taking away 5000 points, I comment that I totally disagree with what that they did so correctly validate the coupons, and got my 10000 points honestly, it is not fair that now you come to penalize me taking away that amount of points so high. I totally disagree with what they did, I claim openly to verify my case again.


Luis Lopez Hi, I took a look at your account- it looks like penalties were applied, because your account was flagged for confirmation abuse. After a penalty, we look for a change in activity on Dealspotr - this activity should move away from abusive behavior, and towards more helpful deal posting for the community. Moving forward, try to use a wide variety of validation types: creations, reactivations, confirmations, edits, etc.

Luis Lopez

@toriadavid @emily yes, certainly only validates, but also does not violate any old standard of the page, and these new regulations should not be implemented without notifying the entire community of the page. And it is so much the damage of the new ones that I am not the only one affected by it, I claim my recompesa for my hard work and I denounce the unfair treatment that was given to me


Luis Lopez Hi! Unfortunately, this is the site policy. The good news is as long as your activity gets better going forward you will receive your gift card without penalty. Thank you!