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Deal Posting Questions

Hi all,

Quick update: for questions regarding deal posting please send a direct message to myself or Jimmy. We'll do our best to review and answer accordingly in a timely manner. Thanks for all your hard work!


Lauren Nelson Hi! I'd like to know what is the highest level of Accuracy we can get on Dealspotr?


Lauren Nelson

Hi Lauren. I present the same problem I requested on 12-26-19 I thought I was the only one asking for a payment of $ 120 and they returned it to me today. HELP PLEASE


Lauren Nelson A greetings team dealspotr I have received an email notifying me that I have abused the page, that is, I was labeled a cheat, I have been rejected the payment and to complete I have subtracted 4000 points and return from level 23 to 18.

I have not cheated I have been honest with you may be that I have made mistakes going up coupons or validating them but I am relatively new, I have raised rapid level because my work centered it in the part where they give 100 points for each validation, I have read the regulation and there is no rule that prevents me from making the use of Deal projects posting.

I would like you to put the clear points on me that I have failed to know about my mistakes because I think I have been honest with you and I have not had some mistakes to take 4000 points off me, level me down and remove the apgo please solve me this problem .

Here's the message I've been sent:

The Dealspotr team sent you a message: "Thank you for participating in Dealspotr. We reviewed your recent activity, and unfortunately we saw patterns that match patterns of abuse or unhelpful deal posting which may negatively impact the user experience on Dealspotr. In your case, you're exploiting a bug on al posting projects, claiming a store more than eleven to earn invalid points. Please avoid doing this. Your account has been adjusted for this activity. We encourage you to continue your participation, please double check that any validations you're making are truly helpful to shoppers on Dealspotr.



Jhonatan Ascanio Lauren Nelson The same thing happened to me, they took 9000 points from me, they recommend that you use the project to publish offers and then they accuse you of using traps or taking advantage of bugs, they should work to solve the problems of the page instead of blaming everyone to Users who load coupons.


Yohimer Man I read the rules and at no time indicates that using the Deal posting projects goes against the rules, I do not know what errors or which bugs speak but I would like them to be clearer and more concise with those affected.

I ask that you please check my account to the maximum so that you realize that I have not committed any cheating, I have seen many problems about payments rejected for not working enough and other types of rejections that are logician, I hope that everything will be solved and the cheats if there are to punish them but not all the world and thoroughly examine their bill.

papa lote

Lauren Nelson To my surprise when I go to check my payment, I get this message Your account has been flagged as a duplicate account. I do not understand why, in my building I and my brother work, I would like to know how I solve this since I think it could have been a confusion


Lauren Nelson good to everyone because I do and I don't get the money I'm making 10mill points and I already make $ 20 and they don't appear and the yellow bar doesn't load