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Deal Posting System Updates

As many of you have noticed, we’re making quite a few changes on Dealspotr. Our goal is to ensure that we’re providing the web’s best deal search experience, and our platform will evolve over time as we try to achieve this goal.

Recently, you may have seen a reduction in the points you earn for posting codes and deals. We’re currently revamping our overall deal posting system, which means a series of changes will roll out over the next few months. In some cases you’ll see an increase in points for certain types of deals you post, and in other cases you’ll see a decrease.

One of our challenges is to be sure we’re rewarding the members who are posting deals that are most helpful to shoppers, while addressing the cases of abuse or activity that are less helpful to shoppers. You’ll see a range of new features and changes in the coming months intended to address these issues.

We appreciate your patience as we make these changes, and we invite you to continue sharing your feedback here in the forums. While we won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time, we definitely listen to your concerns and incorporate them into our planning.

Laura DeLuca

Victoria David I have one suggestion. I think you should do away with the single use codes. This may elimate a lot of the spam accounts, and also would make the site more user-friendly for people who are coming here to find codes. Most of the time, the single use codes don't even work, and that is frustrating when you are trying to place an order. Back when they weren't allowed, it was much easier to find a codes that actually worked for the large retailers like Gap, Old Navy etc.


Laura DeLuca
thanks for the help to those of us who have low level

Laura DeLuca

Victoria David One other idea. We all know you would like to get more codes posted for customer requested stores. One of the issues is that many of them are manufactorers that don't offer coupon codes directly. Perhaps you can make it so that the bonus applies to deals from retailers offering a discount on those manufactorers. For example, Kelloggs is a shopper requested store right now. If a retailer like Boxed offers a code for 10% off Kellloggs products, maybe users could still get the bonus.


Laura DeLuca Hi! Thank you for your feedback. These are great suggestions and I will be sure to share them with the team.


Victoria David Hi Victoria! Thanks for your clarification on this topic. Does it mean that my activity is not helping shoppers? Sorry!


Gabriela Hi! I took a look at your account and your activity is helping shoppers. Keep up the good work.

lety sanz

Would changes be favorable for all ..? because the lowering of the points is unfortunate ... I hope that the points go up and include excellent prizes $$$$ ...;)


Victoria David Thanks for the clarification, I hope that the new changes are beneficial for all the team that continues to work every day here. Let's hope the points go up as soon as they can.

This reply has been removed.


zhangy sorry the mistake and hope the changes will work soon my score already turns to -12 now!!!! I think we are hardworking at posts but still got decrease score it is really unfair for us!!

Riley Walker

Victoria David Hello in your writing, you say that some increased your score. but new offers were lowered, reactivation, validation, printables, Shopper Requested Stores (new and reactivated). So, which ones went up? As far as I can see, everyone is giving less. Emily Helwig


Riley Walker Hello, I addressed this question in your separate post in the forums. To answer your question, we are still making changes to the point system which means points will continue to fluctuate for some time as we figure out the best options.

Liam Smith

Victoria David I have a question. How many new or reactivated codes can be made from a store? I ask this because I would like to know what would happen in the case of those who have unlimited accounts.


Liam Smith Hi! We consider a store with over 150 existing deals to be "high volume." Is this what you are asking?

Liam Smith

Victoria David No, I ask about the allowed amount of publications in a store. For example, I got 5 codes from a store, say Ashford Jewerly, of which 3 were reactivations and 2 were new to Dealspotr. Could I publish those 5 codes without being penalized? I confess that my activity in the page has declined because I have these doubts now that I have 25 validations a day and I would not like to fall into errors that could harm my score.


Liam Smith Oh I see, thank you for clarifying. You are welcome to post as many deals for a store as you can find. That being said, the amount of points awarded for each deal you post is dependent on a number of things, including promotion type, store, how many times you/others have posted at that particular store, etc.

Greg Hart

Victoria David hi,
Why I Don't see the button to share in social network but it appears in the checklist?


Greg Hart Hi! The "share this deal" button is still listed on each deal's information page.

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