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Deals flagged for issues with formatting and style of the title

Hi, I have this problem, I recently got several of my deals flagged (and my Deal Rep affected) for issues with the titles, these are the deals:


The error message is the same for all of them: " The deal title had issues with formatting and style ". I would like to know what was the exact mistake for avoiding it, was there a change in the rules for titles?


Daniel Corzo Hi! I'm actually unable to see the title that you had originally written for the deal. Is there a way you could send me over a screenshot of the notification you received for each deal? Thanks!

Good news - you only lost accuracy points on one of the 4 deals.


Daniel Corzo For the first three, you didn't lose any accuracy score. In the first two, "20% Off Everything" is not a good title. Next time, try "20% Off Your Order."

The third one, which again, you didnt lose points for, was just missing a few words/grammar errors

The fourth one, which you lost points for, is because the deal title sounds too promotional. "25% Off Your Order" would work just fine :)

Hope this helps!


Emily Helwig I see, I didn't choose what the URLs say because they were reactivations, not new deals, maybe that has to do something. About the titles, now I will have into account what you said, thanks for your advice Emily.

Happy Dealspotting!


Emily Helwig Hello, I apologize for taking advantage of this discussion, is for you to help me understand an issue please, thank you.

I don't understand this "the deal should not have been confirmed"

Everything is fine, the price of the offer, the screenshot, I think the title is fine, how can I know when an offer should not be reactivated?

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