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Dealspotr wish list: What features or improvements would you like to see on Dealspotr?

What is the one thing you'd like to see on Dealspotr in the future? Leave your wishes in a comment below!



I would like to know, because in my account I do not put available balance to change, if I already made 10000 points?


Emily Hi, I would like to be able to use UK £ as an option on deals I post alongside US $.


susan Perfect! I've submitted this to our engineers.


Emily I'd like to see a more prominent link to the Forum--I was only able to find it in the footer. The Home page is also quite busy. I believe it was a lot cleaner early on.


Anitra Elmore You are a mind reader - we're working on a cleaner header for the site right now! Stay on the lookout for that - you'll be able to access the forums right from the top of the home page.


Anitra Elmore We just launched a new header tonight, and you'll be happy to know your more prominent link to this forum is right there :)


Emily hello again, I would like the ability to challenge / dispute invalidations on deals. I have had a deal invalidated for not working when I know for a fact it does work and has been double checked numerous times. There seems to be no way of disputing these unfair and anonymous invalidations.


susan Hi again Susan! It looks like the invalidations you're getting are coming from our site moderators - not other users. If you'd like to email me the link to the deal you're talking about, I can more precisely take a look at what may have caused them to invalidate it. Be sure to double check that all titles and prices are typed in correctly, and that the information is very accurate and up to date. Those are the main things that will cause deals to become invalidated.


Emily Thanks Emily it doesnt look as if it is affecting my score , my points or stopping me from particapating , I am new here and still learning so will just keep trying :) , I am enjoying being a member and hope to keep contributing, if I have any future problems I am sure you will help, thanks again


Yes. I agree with being able to dispute invalidations.


Emily Helwig It would be great to add a dispute button even if an invalidation comes from site moderators. They are human too and could miss some important info hidden somewhere in the store's website and with the dispute button/function dealspotters can alert the moderators to it with the exact link/picture evidence. At least that's what I think would be right.

It's funny because 1 invalidation with a very basic reason brings down the accuracy score immediately, the moment the invalidation is made, but an on fire/hot deal either doesn't raise the accuracy at all or takes ages to raise the accuracy score. Would be great to see a help/forum post explaining exactly what brings down or what raises the score and by how much, so it takes the ambuiguity out of this Dealspotr mystery :)


Emily i want to put more digit in the price box text went i put 1 thousand o more the decimal not work


Alejandro Salazar Hi, happy to help! This is a tricky one, because of the way the system works. When typing in any whole dollar amount before the "cents," don't try to type the comma. It just comes automatically by typing "1000." Then, once you want to add cents, type the "." and add cents. It should work that way! I've attached photos to explain what it should look like.

This one is hard to explain without showing you an example, so let me know if you can figure it out or need more info!


Emily A browser extension would be great. So when we are surfing the net and find a deal, we can use the extension to quickly add it to Dealspotr.


Kecia That's a great idea that I know has been tossed around here in the office as well! Hopefully that will be something we can start to work on in the near future.


Emily I'd love to have an "Ambassador Check List" Like a way to get a reminder for tasks needed to be completed as an amabassador.

Ibraim P.

Emily Helwig Definitely you guys need to consider bringing back the points when a deal goes on fire or hot. But, with a very strict rule, so we can feel rewarded, in some way. Idk if you guys are thinking on this or if you just take off the table this option, but I would really like to see this come back, cuz It was a cool way to encourage to all the members. Again, with a strict rule o some new function that allows to really earn those extra points in a fair way. :3


Quicker removal of expired codes. Sometimes I have to scroll down quite a bit to get past the codes that no longer work. If 2 or 3 people invalidate a code, it should be removed from sight.


Emily Helwig I'd like to get paid for this post you folks contacted me for back in December with no mention of joining up to get payment. This is what you offered me...

I wanted to see if you'd be interested in doing a sponsored review of Dealspotr. I can offer you $100 for this review, if you can complete it by December 29. You'll also earn $2 for every reader who joins Dealspotr from your review - plus we'll promote your review on our social pages (we have 1MM monthly uniques).


Dick Leonardo Hi! I just took a look, and it says that you submitted your article today. I've attached a screenshot for your records. It is a great article, however does not meet the requirements outlined in this blog post. If your article was submitted before, that may have been the reason it wasn't accepted - if so, I'm sorry we weren't clearer with you about that. If you were to update the article and re-submit, we'd be happy to review it again and get you upgraded to Gold Status with the promised rate that you were given. Hope this helps!


Emily Helwig Ok I just recieved $40 for our review but again we were origanlly offered $100 by Summer Siguenza back on Dec 20. Now it's not the end of the world but you really should honor the promised rate...


I think that they should develop a mobile app in the future for those who want to work from our smart phone :)


Emily Helwig What about a link in the page for contacting support directly? It could like a link in the bottom of the page that takes you to a form for contacting support, apart from having the forum.