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Dealspotr Trivia: __________ cereal was the first cereal to offer a coupon.

Be the first person to answer correctly and win $10!


Kyle Congratulations you've won! Grape-Nuts was the first cereal to offer a coupon discount. Thank you for playing, the points have been added to your account.

Tune in next week at the same time for another chance to win!


Kyle Congrats Kyle! As a reminder, we take the first answer you post here as your final answer. No edits allowed!


@toriadavid I would like to know why I do not win if I answered before


Vicente Hi Vicente! Unfortunately, you had your first answer as “Grape Nutrís.” As mentioned above, we only take your first answer into consideration, and don’t allow edits. The good news is we’ll be back next week with another question!!

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