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Degraded points

I feel degraded, i work 12 hours every day looking for offers and providing to the shoppers the deals they need and we are being rewarded with fewer points, what are we winning at all? what benefit are we getting from this?

Juan Jose

Juan Jose I used to make 10k points by publishing at least 100 offers every 2 days and now i have to work even harder than already do.


Juan Jose hi firend, i am curious why do you have so much time 12 hours?? Is this your work? or

Elian Decena

Juan Jose if friend the truth is a pity as they devalued the points to make us work more and they continue to generate for us is an outrage since none of the offers are well rewarded. you have to work TOO MUCH to be able to generate a quick gift card, I do not think that you take us as if what you did was not worth it.

Clara Vera

Juan Jose Very much in agreement with you, is a total and progressive degradation of this work activity, because that's the way it is, a work activity. You invest many hours of work to get little and now with these changes what we will gain is almost nothing. It is impossible to continue under these new policies.

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