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Describe your craziest Target haul of all time. Post pics!

Did you Cartwheel your way to a shopping cart full of savings? Have you practically stolen a piece of Target furniture by using coupons and sales? Let us know about an amazing Target haul you've had - and post the pics to prove it!


Dealspotr Support I don't have a target in my area...one of the drawback of living in a tourist town. Our K-mart and JCPenny just went out of business too. All we have is Walmart now :(


Dealspotr Support I don't have one crazy story...but, it is crazy how I will literally go into Target for one item and come out with a full grocery cart!!! lol!


Dealspotr Support It is tragic, but I can walk to the beach anytime I want, so I can't complain too much. I'm a proud Jersey Girl.


Dealspotr Support I once practically cleaned out the clearance racks for my sons. I can't pass up clothing for $1-$2 per piece!


Dealspotr Support I don't live that close to a Target, though I hear I may be getting one in my town soon. Sears just went out at our mall last month and the rumor is Target is wanting to go in there :). -- I think the best Target deal I ever got was a $20 gift card that only cost $10, via a Groupon lol. I'm not really an "extreme" couponer or anything too crazy. I do love Target though. I like their fashion collections with name brand designers. I have this little black lace off the shoulder dress that I bought like 4 years ago and it has held up through the wash and still looks great. Really high quality, and at an affordable price! It's actually my favorite dress. I think it's a Vera Wang, but can't recall.


Dealspotr Support I used to have a Target store near me. I don't go there much anymore, but when I do, I'm sure to stop at Starbucks and use their rewards to get a discounted drink. :) Then, I spoil my children & buy them Icees so I can shop longer without a disturbance. I do love the Cartwheel app for grocery shopping and try to clip coupons beforehand to save time. My biggest shopping problem is simply walking through the children's clothing section... I find it extremely hard to resist buying at least 2 items of clothing for my 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy. The deals & styles are irresistable!

(My current favorite article of clothing is actually a dress from Target with a navy blue, Paisley fabric print!)


Dealspotr Support Wow. I can't believe how many of you are without Targets. We have quite a few in the area. In fact, we sort of do a tour of all of them after Christmas to load up on clearance deals. It's the one time a year we buy Oreos.


Dealspotr Support I love to shop the Ts off-season when they're like $5! I end up with tanks in the winter and long-sleeved Ts in the summer, but hey, they always come in handy.