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Did you know: Invalidations don't negatively affect you?

Some have expressed concern about other people "invalidating" your deals. I want to clarify any confusion about how invalidations work on Dealspotr to put your minds at ease!

Invalidations cannot, will not, won't ever negatively affect your Accuracy Score or points.

That's it, in a nutshell. Invalidations are not bad for you, period.

We designed the invalidation system to be a friendly, easy-to-use tool to remove expired or invalid deals from Dealspotr, without worrying about making another user feel bad. So when you invalidate a deal, all you are doing is making it less visible on the site, and nothing whatsoever happens to the person who posted the deal, or anyone who validated the deal. You should invalidate any deal that is expired, sold out, or for whatever reason did not work when you tried it. This is an important way to keep Dealspotr free of bad deals.

What CAN reduce your Accuracy Score is if someone clicks the "Report for abuse" link next to your validation, like at the bottom of this screenshot here:

That button will report your validation to the Dealspotr moderation team, and someone will take a closer look. If the report is confirmed, this likely means there was something wrong with your validation, and you'll receive a notification, plus you'll see a small decrease in your Accuracy Score. So be careful to make accurate validations, or someone might report it.

It is important to note, however, that there is no way for another user to directly decrease your Accuracy Score (or your points) without a Dealspotr moderator first approving the action.

So rest assured that you can post deals without fear of other people "flagging" or "invalidating" them and affecting your points. If someone does invalidate your deal, it is likely because it has expired, or it did not work for some reason. You can always re-validate the deal if you disagree, and if you see someone invalidating many of your deals incorrectly, you can always report them to us.

Hope this helps you understand how invalidations work on Dealspotr!

April Ward

Michael Quoc Ok, well I wonder if some people are "abusing" the report abuse button. There's been people that have problems with getting a negative score and they can't get it back up. They don't even know what they did wrong in the first place.


Who cares? Any reported validations must be approved by a moderator. So if someone is abusing this feature and reporting a lot of your deals, most likely, they will be negatively affected instead of you, since a moderator may take action on the abuser's account. Again, there is no way for another users to directly impact your score or points without a moderator's approval.


Michael Quoc Yeah, in this way, we can avoid someone abusing the report button.