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DIRECT CLAIM: Nick Chin & Jimmy Doheny

Claim both for Nick Chin and Jimmy Doheny they must take. And it is truly incomprehensible that for such a situation with payments they have an excuse that does not really agree with the regulations or parameters they agree to mention! And I really call them in protest because they don't really respect the time spent in this community. Be serious and take all this as a true responsibility as many of us have done. When it is not that they penalize you they lower you level without any reason. And it always happens, when your payment date is approached. It is unfortunate that in some things they improve and others deteriorate. They are strict at the time of payment but when we have to make some type of claim or do not respond or simply and automatically copy and paste an automatic message to avoid any matter. BE SERIOUS AND DON'T BE SO RESPONSIBLE! Because that is not human but inhuman ..

George Lois

W Alejandro I agree. I had an account closed years ago without any explanation. They don't let you know or give you a chance to know what happened or if you can defend yourself. There are also many abuses of other users and they are still active in the community. When I started they were stricter but now, until a user is not reported they pay no attention. I would like to know why my account was closed. I hope @NChin or @jimmyd gve us answers