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Disposable diapers vs. cloth diapers? How much do you save? Is it worth it?

We've always used disposable diapers for our kiddos. Has anyone here stuck with cloth diapers and made it work? Which cloth diaper brand did you go with? How did you handle cleaning?

And how much savings does this net you compared with disposable diapers?


Michael Quoc Eeek, I hit report instead of reply...because clearly I'm still sleep...so sorry about that!


Michael Quoc But to answer the question, we used cloth from birth until potty training and it saved us so much money.

For my daughter's newborn cloth, we went with Alva brand--- about $99 for a full stash, I believe. When she was able to move into one size, I resold for about $75. Most of my money back. She was in these for about 3 months I believe. (I would not generally recommend Alva as we found OS leaked for my daughter, but for newborn they worked well).

For her One Size Diapers, we went with mostly covers and inserts. Our preferred brand was Flips from BumGenius. Some were a shower gift, but most I bought from the Bumgenius Seconds Sale... these are imperfect diapers that they sell for a fraction of the cost...some have slight cosmetic issues, but nothing that impacts use...many you would never know what the issue was at all. For our inserts we mostly used flour sack towels--- you can find these anywhere- Walmart, Target, etc...in with the kitchen towels, very absorbent and affordable too! They average out to about $1 each... much cheaper than most diaper inserts. Overall, I spent about $200 or so on her diapers. I sold for about $125 when she was done with them--- though if we were having more children, we could have kept and continued to use.

All in all, about $300 in (give or take) and I recouped about $200 of that. So, about $100 from birth to potty, I can't complain! :)

Cleaning took some getting used to, but for the savings completely worth it... newborn diapers (if breastfed) can go straight in the wash, no rinsing. As solids are introduced you do have to plop, scrape or spray out the poo into the toilet beforehand but once you figure out a routine, its pretty easy! :)