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Do u want to pay me???

Hi, Jimmy. I need a straight answer about my payment problem. It's been 3 weeks since I haven't recived my payment, and everytime is the payment day, you don't pay, you "team" send me this message and NO explication, again.

3 weeks waiting for $50!!!!

I have posted Site-Wide deals, specific deals, refferal deals, and still says every single time the same robotic/boot message. You don't give us a proper information, and I'm getting the feeling that you don't want to pay me anymore, cuz I don't get ANY a invalidation during the week, but the day that I supposed that I'll get pay, the robot notification is sent to me and my payment is back on my "Amount available".

Those are the photos of the 3 weekes that I have been recived the same notification and those 3 times, my payment is back in account.

You say it before, "You've been a strong deal poster for us and redeemed many gift cards", then why I don't get a real anwser or my payment???????? I found new stores, new deals, everyday, I am one of the most strongest poster, and I don't get why you don't give me a answer!!!!

Need a straight answert about this, today, please, cuz I don't want to waste more time fighting about the same issue with you and your "team".

Dealspotr used to be somenthing better.


Ibraim P. Hey Ibraim, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm Lauren, I'm here to help while Jimmy is out. You were rejected for your prior gift card requests because you were involved in behavior that is not acceptable and considered abuse on our platform. We appreciate the efforts you've made thus far to show that you have changed your behavior. However, you must meet a minimum number of validatons before we can process your giftcard request. The abuse was a small percentage of all the validations you have done, hence why we didn't simply deactive your account and are providing a second chance. Whenever we reach your name in the que for giftcard requests, we will assess at that time if you have met the minimum and will receive a giftcard. Thank you, have a nice day.

Ibraim P.

Lauren Nelson Thanks for the explination, Lauren. What's the "minimum" that I need to rich in order to get my payment?


Ibraim P. At least 75 validations after the rejection to process the gift card request again.