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Double gift card processing

Hi everybody.! I'm have this bug again, the gift card that I'm tring to redeem appears twice as processing and all the new deals that I post doesn't give me point. This has happened to me before and the admins always say that I have to wait until the gift card to be sent but until that happen I lose all the points.

Pleace fix this problem soon, I really would be very grateful :3


I'm still having the problem, I just make the point for a $10 gift card and they don't appear in my balance. Pleace solve this bug pleace, I have 4 days waiting for an answer.... :S


Rachel Auerbach I still having the same problem, I already make 30.000 point and in my acount balance says that I have 0 points available to redeem. Pleace, help me with this T.T


Alice Laraine You must continue to add points, because when this problem is solved, you will most likely be reflected the accumulated score of all these days.

Luis Fe

Okay, Alice Laraine, here's the thing:

The bar that shows how many points you have earned during your last 24hrs is located at 20,000 points before the end (instead of being 10,000 as it usually is). You must continue working and you will see that when you reach your next 10,000 points the bar will show as it normally does.

I see it, from my perspective, as an advance payment from the system, but if you work you justify that advance payment :) I'm telling you this because the same thing happened to me as to you and I already did my first 10,000 points and the bar is shown ready to go for 10,000 more points!