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Why can't I edit a promo code once it's been added to the site?

Hello Emily Helwig, I have a strange case here xD. I was validating a code from the shop "corningware", then I realized that the code was wrong writed and I manage to get the real code (by erasing 1 letter from the code), the problem is that when I try to edit it, the page does not show the editing options. I read the forum and, see that other user have the same problem, and you say that to invalidate the deal and post a new deal with the correct code, but when I go post the deal, the loading spinner from the "When does this deal expire?" Keep spinning all day long xD. Then i need a little help here cause I don't know if this is a bug or something else. Here some Pics for reference

Validating post perfectly works

Invalidating post too

But Editing Post dont show anything

And here is the "all day long loading spinner" xD

Emily Helwig Taking advantage of this post, I also found a bug that on the page where is the zara store offers, I can´t select any of the options, "site wide, Free shipping, Sale" https://dealspotr.com/zara

Sasha da Sousa Hi! We were having bugs earlier today, but this should be fixed now. Let me know if you're still having issues!


Emily Helwig  You´re welcome, this is part of our work and contribution to this great community