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Father's Day Gift Guide

1. IJOOU Smart Thermotheraphy Massage Device

Herbal remedy for natural pain relief. Hands-Free, Portable and Easy-to-use.

20% OFF & Free Shipping Link (or use code: SUMMERSALE):https://ijoou.store/discount/SUMMERSALE?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Fijoou-smart-moxibustion-thermotherapy-device

2. Tweetie Smart Sunglasses

Tweetie‘s smart glasses, feature patented advanced bone conduction technology that delivers stereo sound through the ear cartilage. Hear your music and the world around you with open-ear design and premium eye protection. 

It is the first  Bone Conduction Audio Glasses equipped with head gesture control.  It enable you listen to music, radio, navigation & make calls through your glasses.

20% OFF & Free Shipping Link (or use code: TAKE20): https://tweetieglasses.com/discount/TAKE20