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CLOSED: #FindYourDeal giveaway: Share your #1 reason to skip other coupon sites & start any coupon search on Dealspotr

As you know, our mission at Dealspotr is to make finding working coupons 10x easier and faster than ever before. We're super excited by how far we've come, and we just published our top 10 reasons to start your coupon search on Dealspotr, not Google . Dealspotr has more codes, fewer expired ones, pays you points, and is overall the most reliable and transparent way to find deals on anything.

Do you love using Dealspotr too? Follow these steps to enter to win one of three $100 gift cards to any store of your choice:

1 - Come up with your #1 reason why people you know should start their coupon searches on Dealspotr instead of Google, RetailMeNot or any other coupon site and post it here in this thread. Need ideas? Look here.

2 - Tweet your reason on Twitter with the hashtag #FindYourDeal with a link back to this contest. Include the image in this post with your tweet.

3 - Follow @dealspotr on Twitter.

We'll select the three best reasons submitted and each winner will receive a $100 gift card to any online store of their choice (store must offer e-gift cards). The winners will be selected on April 30, and prizes distributed shortly thereafter.


Dealspotr Support

1 - go with the fortune teller to find low prices?, better go to dealspotr and gets offers as clear as a crystal ball

2 -

3 - Done :-)


Dealspotr Support

Reason #1 For using @dealspotr : Is a reliable place to find and share offers and start saving #StartWithDealspotr

It´s ready!

Leon Silva

Dealspotr Support

1.- Dealspotr comunity can guarantee you saving your time and money in the mayority of the online stores because we are all here to save.

2.- Done

3.- Done


Dealspotr Support

1. #1 reason to use @dealspotr --> SO MANY DEALS! All crowdsourced & validated to ensure accuracy + comprehensiveness!

2. Done

3. Done

Ibraim P.

Dealspotr Support

1.- #1 reason: Your savings are gonna explode! They have a lot good deals that you're not gonna believe it, until you see it. Go & #FindYourDeal


3.- Done! (Since I start on Dealspotr I follow you :3)


Dealspotr Support I find that Dealspotr is one of the best organized deal sites out there. Plus, I love that you can invalidate a deal when it's no longer good so that it can be removed.


Dealspotr Support


The#1 Reason to prefer @dealspotr than any other coupon place is because they’re simply the best #FindYourDeal




Dealspotr Support The # 1 reason to use Dealspotr is that there are thousands of contributors looking for, reviewing and comparing the best prices for the customer, so that they get a great product at a great price, without the buyer having to check so many pages that exist, thanks At Dealspotr the buyer goes straight to the best offer.


Dealspotr Support 1 - I love that Dealspotr asks its users to validate deals by providing screen shots that prove the coupon code or other deal actually works. It also includes step by step instructions to help users figure out how to use those deals and coupon codes correctly. Awarding accuracy points when deals are added to Dealspotr further ensures that users upload and enter correct information. As a user you know that the deals are active and valid, which means less time entering invalid codes when you checkout.

2 - Tweet!

3 - Done!


1- The cool thing about the coupons of dealspotr is that, besides being validated by real people and the offers being updated, edited, and added minute by minute. It is that it has an infinity of coupons for many many pages, coupons that you know that they work, since they have been Validated by other people, and if you do not find an offer you like, you can simply go to the store page at dealspotr, and click the information button to see the social networks of that page and look for other coupons, offers or printables that are not in dealspotr. So you can validate all of them and earn points and then change it for a gift card. Just great, no more tedious searches in other pages. Dealspotr is and will be the favorite page for many people to look for coupons ever!


3- Done!!.



Dealspotr Support 1 <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/StartWithDealspotr?src=hash">#StartWithDealspotr For the amount of time and money you save & you are sure that the offers,discounts and coupons you find are working well.



Dealspotr Support 1st I have to say that I love Dealspotr!! Before I buy anything, I check this site. You have provided an amazing service to your users and it has saved me hours and hours searching other "coupon websites" for codes that NEVER work!

All I have to do is just click on the Dealspotr.com bookmark, on my bookmark bar, and instantly find codes, coupons & deals on the Stores that are relevant to me and that actually work!

I can either do just a quick search for what I am looking for and I get all my deals so easily and fast or just take some time and read through the "Discover Deals" section to look for new sites and offers and be assured that the information and codes are accurate & current because of Dealspotr's very strict guidelines on what gets posted and what doesn't. I am impressed with the research they do on the offers that people list & the information that Dealspotr uses to make sure their information is accurate.

But when I am not rushed I really like to take some time and read through the "My Feed" section and look at my favorite stores and see what is out there just waiting for me.


Dealspotr Support 1 reason to look for coupons in dealsport, you have the best discount coupons, which means more money saving, you find faster and more accurate coupons with the best deals, it is the largest community that puts coupons every day millions Of stores, lets you know thousands of new stores and their products that you will not find elsewhere.


3 done


Dealspotr Support

1- It is simply the best place to search for offers on the internet, it is a community that feeds its users to maintain the largest number of functional offers and reward them for it. great!


3- Done!