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Fluctuating score and $$

Hello. I am fairly new on here and still getting the hang of how things work around here. For a post I've submitted, the amount was $44 but the amount I received was $40. Are the certain fees deducted or something? Also, my influencer score has been flucuating. It happened once and I found out that it has been happening with others as well due to some glitches and such. The problem was fixed. But I see that my score went down again. The last time it went down four points. This time, one. I am so confused!


Aera Kim We send out our payments in increments of $10, as the influencer payment is tied to the gift card redemption process. @andieschilstra can help you out with your influence score!


Dealspotr Support - Same here. My score has been going up and down like a roller coaster recently and I don't know why. It was just I thought like 16 the other day and now it's 10?