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Hi all,

From now on, please send an individual message to Dealspotr Help for any questions that you may have regarding deal posting or the deal posting community. That account will respond to your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Thank you!

ivan salas

Lauren Nelson The most important thing is that they respond quickly to the community since there is no basic guide on how to solve each case in the offers. I would recommend 24hr online support.

Anna Corth

Lauren Nelson Hello! They sent me a $ 10 Amazon gift card on 12/11/2019. but I have trouble accessing the email where it was sent. I sent a private message to Dealspotr support, and I still don't receive a reply. can you help me? Thank you!

laurent vega

Jimmy Doheny good afternoon jimmy I received my payment but I have a problem with my mail and yesterday I had to update it will be that you can resend the code to the email I updated yesterday


Lauren Nelson Jimmy Doheny Good afternoon I have a problem with my Gift Card, the system says that they have sent it to my mail but when verifying my mail it is not found anywhere.

Could you help me with this, please? Since Dealspotr Help does not respond to any message sent to you.


Lauren Nelson Who can I write to report duplicate stores and remove them? I have written to Jimmy several times but I stop answering :c


Lauren Nelson hello good morning how is it done if I can not login to my darlinghern8 user account, it tells me that the email does not exist, and I did not receive any dealsport notification

Barbara Fava

Lauren Nelson I wrote to the support few days ago because I submitted 3 new deals (active and valid as I tried them myself), and my score dropped at minus 4.

I submitted them complete with all the infos, so I do not understand what's wrong.


Lauren Nelson

Hi, I want to know if you pay through PayPal I think I have seen a publication a long time ago

also how long does it take to cancel by that means



Lauren Nelson
Good afternoon I had a $ 110 Amazon gift card in process and it did not arrive and they delivered it to me I did not get an error message or something that is happening


Lauren Nelson Good night, I need a clarification, I received a message warning me of "We reviewed your recent activity, and unfortunately we saw patterns that match patterns of abuse or unhelpful deal posting which may negatively impact the user experience on Dealspotr. In your case, you're confirming too many deals" I would like to have an explanation about it, since so far this December I have published more than 100 new offers, I have completed more than 30 projects. If validating a good number of offers obscures the work I have been doing, please tell me what is the appropriate percentage of validations that I must do, since it is not clear in any regulations, what do you mean by too many? When is it no longer useful to validate offers? If the regulations are not specific, it is difficult to comply. I say that because it seems unfair that 10 points are taken from my precision score and 10,000 points are taken from my gain with the argument presented. I would appreciate your response clarifying these questions, my intention is to do the job correctly, but for that the rules must be clear. It is unfair to act in this way because days before I send a congratulation for my work and after 12 days waiting for a payment receive this response.