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Gift Card Delay

We have seen a large increase in the number of gift cards requested which has caused some delays in processing these gift cards. We are working hard to process these as quickly as possible!


Jimmy Doheny Hi jimmy. More than 12 days have passed and still nothing has arrived my GC Request. Please I need your help. Thank you!


Lisbeth Masabé Thank you Mr. Jimmy, I am from 04/11 and I still have not received the GC so that you are aware.


Jimmy Doheny Excuse me Jimmy but I would like to please check your DM since I have exposed my problem since almost the closing of the platform and I have not received a response yet I know that we are many and they are very busy but soon it will be the final and I do not want to lose everything the work i did unfortunately learned very late about the platform and it was new but please work hard and hard


Jimmy Doheny
Simplycodes is a disaster they steal your mines and nobody says anything crazy

RAAO Deals

Jimmy Doheny

Will they really pay?

Hi. Greetings to someone of support. My question is if they really paid these amounts that are left over in the accounts since I see that the same thing happens to many like me and there is no answer about it.

Jimmy Doheny

RAAO Deals Can you clarify your question? It looks like you requested a gift card but it's still processing.


Jimmy Doheny Hi jimmy. I have 15 days waiting for the payment of my gift card. Please I need your help. Thank you!


Thank you very much for the work experience that allowed me to live as a digital entrepreneur ... Unfortunately I spent many months of work with my Wife and Children, and I was never able to collect a Gif Card ... Sure !!! I tried several times and the only thing I gained was discounts and discounts ... Now I have a request that I hope in God can effectively redeem ... I still believe in the seriousness of the page now migrated to Simply Codes, but it is necessary to see the work that is done. "The worker is Worthy of his Salary" ... Greetings and Good Night ...

pether hill

Jimmy Doheny Jimmy Doheny Good afternoon, this is to inform you that since the day 04/14/2020 that I made the claim for the gift card, it has not yet arrived and I do not get any response from you, I understand that you are busy but the communication is essential and you as a company they must be since they are a responsible company and I need answers I offer you 1000 apologies for the inconvenience caused by this request


Jimmy Doheny

I lost all my work ???? If I can't redeem my $ 10 Gif, they should at least give me the amount I deserve, although I still don't understand why I didn't qualify if I worked according to the norms and rules, I was at 32 precision already with the unlimited account days before him. close I asked for my first gift card for $ 10 they give me back 3000 points less and they lowered me to 10 in three days working day and night I managed to get again to ask for my gift card wait and wait and they return the application and the answer is that I do not qualify my question I do not qualify for any ??? it was hours and hours of work it doesn't seem fair I hope I can attend to my claim again


Jimmy Doheny Hello, good morning Yimmy

My problem is this: I requested a payment of $ 10 on 4-12-2020 and it hasn't even come from Dealspotr. I appreciate your help and thank you very much.

israel isral

Jimmy Do
What happens with my payment are many days of waiting heny

Ali Vargas

Jimmy Doheny Greetings Jimmy I have requested my GQ and today I got a message with a notification which takes me to my account and tells me that my profile is not suitable or something like that to request a GQ when as I tell you I had done it before and I check my profile and nothing is missing I would like to know what I can do or who I should contact, thanks in advance

Ana Guerra

Jimmy Doheny Why is it that an exclusive group of people are allowed to keep working deals while the rest of us are struggling with simplycodes?

Jimmy Doheny

Ana Guerra As I have mentioned to other users above, the only people still working on Dealspotr are moderators and brand representatives.


Jimmy Doheny Hi! I check on my e-mail inbox and don't have my GC yet. However, on Dealsport board said that was sent on 05/05.


Jimmy Doheny Hi Jimmy, i need your help. I didn't receive my gift card. On Dealsport board said that was sent on 05/05. But I check my inbox mail and I don't haven't.

  • Jimmy Doheny buenas Señor Jimmy tengo un problema llevo casi 6 meses esperendo a que me llegue un pago de 4 $ de antes de que cerrara la pagina y no se que paso el pago dice que ya se envio pero no me ha llegado como hago en ese caso?????