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Gift Card Delay 7/3

Hi everyone! If you were awarded a gift card on 7/3, but did not receive it in your email yet, please do not worry — there may be a slight delay in sending out the gift cards, but you WILL be receiving them. We're so sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience.

Ada Maria

Dealspotr Support Hello, I want to know what happens with the stores, I can not reactivate or anything, please, if you can help me, I'll thank you. In all stores where I tried to upload a promotional code, it is published or edited. please help.!


Ada Maria Hi Ada! You may have to raise your accuracy score to be able to reactivate codes. Are you able to create a code?


Dealspotr Support Thanks for the info Dealspotr. Is this issue apply for those who ask GC on 4, 5 and 6 of July? Thanks!


Maia Oropeza Hi Maia! As always, the timeline is 7 business days from when you redeem your card. Usually it is faster than that, but that is the average amount of time normally.


Dealspotr Support An Dealspotr question? Send an Amazon gift card and you have 2 days and still do not know if I pass or not


Felix Cartagena Tengo 4 dias esperando una tarjeta, me gustaria saber a que se debe el retraso.


enrique Hi Enrique! You'll receive your card anywhere from 2-7 business days after redemption.


Dealspotr Support Hello regards .. here it says that they sent me the gift card today but I did not receive the mail.


Dealspotr Support I guess this explains the unusual delay, thanks for the information.