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Gift card delays

Hey everyone! We are hard at work making adjustments to optimize the way we reward gift cards. There might be a slight delay in gift card redemption, which we are hoping to speed up once we've fully optimized the new process.

Thank you for your patience as we work to keep Dealspotr running smoothly for all of you deal lovers!


Dealspotr Support Thank you for address this situation. Good luck! Besides that, how can I make a suggestion? I have an idea about a feature that might be beneficial for all of us, and could help to provide a more accurate expiration date for the deals.


Hello Emily Helwig, I'd like to know how long you'd be talking about that slight delay?


Dealspotr Support Is this delay only because of the optimization they are doing? or so it will always be and what kind of optimization are they doing? Do we benefit from dealspotr's? Not understand


Dealspotr Support Is there something in place that prevents you from having two pending redemptions at the same time? I requested a gift card 10 days ago and am still waiting. In that time, I earned enough for another redemption, but the button is greyed out and says "processing". It's been like this for several days.


when you get your first card, you can request the one you have accumulating


Dealspotr Support

Good morning Dealspotr I hope you are well I have a problem I have since August 21, Monday I asked for the card and it has not arrived yet.? that is going through the problem of optimizing the page with the submissions and I have colleagues and friends with the same problem thanks


Dealspotr Support Dealspotr, according to the page offers, they tell me that they sent me the card but nothing came to my mail, they could check it please.


Dealspotr Support Hi everyone! An update here - we are working hard to process and award everyone their gift cards that we know you've worked very hard for. Right now, there is a wait time of about 2 weeks to redeem your card. The good news is, you'll be able to continue earning points while your card is processing, to redeem next time! Again, we thank everyone for your patience in this busy time, and we are working hard over here to speed up the process.


Dealspotr Support Dealspotr but I have a dude, the waiting time will be 2 weeks for always? I mean, every time we redeem a gift card we have to wait 15 days to receive it? and why is this happening?

I have a long time waiting....


Steven 15 working days, does not count Saturdays and Sunday


Two weeks (14 business days) is a very reasonable timeframe for processing gift cards. This website has thousands of users and each reward has to be processed manually. I posted this on another thread before, but many of the programs I deal with as a blogger take as long as 90 days to send payments, and they are only dealing with a handfull of influencers. Even when I worked a normal day job, we only got paid every other week. Everyone needs to keep in mind that most of the Dealspotr staff only works weekdays from 9 to 5 and have dozens of other responsibilites to handle in addition to sending payments and responding to forum posts. In addition, this past week was a three-day weekend in the US. Dealspotr is doing a great job getting gift cards out given the massive volume of users.


Laura no sweetheart, I don't think so that 14 business days is a very reasonable timeframe for processing gift cards. It takes so long because if I redeem a gift card today it will take almost a month to arrive at my email, and if I am doing a job I want my money and I know that they (Dealspotr) have several responsibilities but one of them is make our payments, that's it.


Steven Sorry man but number 1, you do not go around calling a lady you don´t even know ¨sweetheart¨, number 2 you do not have a contract with them and this is not a job, number 3 stop being rude on your posts and be patient, it is a very reasonable timeframe for processing gift cards please let the people solve whatever issue they are having, they said they are optimizing the process, so wait. Have a good day.


Laura 14 business days is more than two weeks. When one talks about business days One is actually talking about weekdays , I mean no weekends included so 14 BD is Two week and a half timeframe Isn't It?


Laura And with each complaint posted on this forum and/or via email about payment delays, it's only taking that much longer because someone from Dealspotr has to answer/deal with the complaints. If everyone would just be a little more patient and quit (in my opinion) DEMANDING to know where their payment is, things would run much more smoothly and payments would be made quicker.


Angie Bailey They should try Swagbucks. I was waiting for 3 months for $5 and it took over a year to earn it. LOL


Laura OMG, lol. I tried it briefly but really didn't care much for it.


Submissions from 8/26 would only be 12 business days because last weekend was a holiday in the US.


Dealspotr Support and Laura The truth is that 2 wk is a long time to receive a GC. If it is necessary to exclude Saturdays and Sundays since only the working days must be counted, then we are talking about 18 days of waiting for a GC and that without adding some day Holiday if it can exist one in those weeks ... However my reason for comment is the following, they again decreased the amount of points that is gained by validating, editing or uploading a new deal? Since I am now winning between 24 and 29 points as a maximum when performing some action mentioned above. So now that we have to wait 18 days for a GC also decrease the number of points to win? That if I do not see it Right.

Laura what I just mentioned is not a direct complaint to you, just label you because I believe that you are one of the most experienced users here at Dealspotr and you could comment on this or validate what I just said and get me out of doubts, if in fact the punctuation diminished.


Axcel Rojas This is an other very important thing. In the last two days I've been earning between 25 and 30 points in each validations, with an Accuracy Score of 33. I think that this can't be right. With an Accuracy of 29 I was earning between 53 and 56. I didn't have problems like this when I was starting. I hope that this is just something temporary as a result of the optimization.


Axcel Rojas That's right, I am making many less points for each validation, on Friday I was doing between 70 and 100 points for each post or validation and now I am not receiving more than 40 points for each one.

What's happening Dealspotr?


Alex Bottausci Hi Alex! We are making some changes to the points system, which I will announce in full here later today.


Dealspotr Support What about the system dot Dealspotr now because they make DEALSPOTR a bad experience, with payments, the point system among other things?


Dealspotr Support Hello Dealspotr, thank you for keeping us informed, we want the good points come back, and is very well when we can observe that you are there with an explanation.


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr Has been wating almost a month for my paiment of 10$ rewards.. my count has been sanctioned 2 times in this month.. first because I abused.. I leave to work two weeks ago, because "I abused" and right now I was sanctioned for the same things.. please do anything to help me and fix this confusion.


Jhon Albert Hi Jhon! Has your gift card been processing for over 2 weeks? I can look into this personally.


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr, today my dashboar is showing my last gift card as "sent" but I didn't get it on my email, could you check this out? Thanks in advance.


Dealspotr Support hi! Good morning, greetings, in the system appears that I sent the gift yesterday, but today I go back to review and not in my mail yet, I guess as other times send it in the afternoon today?


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr, two weeks ago I redeem a gift card and tonight Redemption History notice was processed and sent to my Email. But truly there it has not arrived. can you help me with that little problem?

Thank you.


Osmel Jose Acosta Rojas Hi my friend. are you using hotmail? my brother passed for the same situation and he received it one day after of the notification.


Dealspotr Support Hi, Dealspotr. I have got a problem, my last giftcard did not arrive to my email. I got the notification that the giftcard arrived on 9/12/2017 so I could redeem other one. But, when I checked my email today and it was not there. What can I do?


Dealspotr Support hi.. i have got a problem, my last gift card did not arrive to my email. i got the notification on 09/27 in my dealsport account but i checked today my email and was no there.


Dealspotr Support Dealspotr, according to the page offers, they tell me that they sent me the card but nothing came to my mail, they could check it please.


EmilyWhy did they eliminate the tasks?