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Gift card delays

Hi everyone, as many of your have noticed, there is a delay in the payment of gift cards right now. Please rest assured, you will be getting your gift cards soon — we are processing requests from 3/13 today, and will continue to work towards our 2-7 day window soon.

I hope you can accept this slight delay on our part, and have patience with us as we pay out gift cards in the order they were claimed. Thanks so much for your time on Dealspotr!


Jimmy Doheny Where can we request GC's? I see my tracker but I believe we have gift cards that we can cash in, but can't locate. Thank you!


I feel like I've found where to do it but it says no rewards available. We've never cashed them in though, so if you could help me out that would be great.


Jimmy Doheny hello good morning, I'm waiting since 3/13 and still do not process my order. What happens if you said you were already processing the 3/13?


Jimmy Doheny Hi Jimmy, my giftcard didn't arrive to my email; However, the system says it was sent. Could you please check that?


yeah,it is a nice experience


Jimmy Doheny 7 days waiting for my payment, because they last so long? was sent on 04/13/2019 a reply?


Jimmy Doheny hello good afternoon. i express before you my discomfort because you have not returned my account and my money that i have accumulated and the truth is that this is a lack of seriousness in this company which we spent day and night working on this and i know many Venezuelan friends who have done the same and even blocked the forum or media not to let us present our complaints is not fair is lack of consideration of you and the truth that we have a God who is just and will do divine justice for this. without more than saying that God has mercy on you.

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