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Good Morning. To Yenyen

I hope a quick response, because it is not fair that they are penalizing for something that at least in my case I already have almost 2 years in the community and I have come to do so. Now for you it is not well done. And I repeat it's time to benefit the user. More than 60,000 points and no points in my favor and a penalty -2 points. It has no logic And I hope that the moderator who penalized me will explain what is the correct title I would appreciate it

Jimmy Doheny

Liz Saloney Thanks for reaching out. Can you please clarify your question? I see you've only gotten penalized twice in the past 2 months.

Liz Saloney

Jimmy Doheny

good day, what I want to say is because if I made 60 thousand points I did not receive any points in my accuracy and I received -2 ​​points for a penalty. And with regard to the penalty, I want you to tell me where the error is, and they told me that it was bad title writing, https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-save-10-off-your-first-purchase -at-jellyegg-single-use7gd So the moderator will tell me what is the title Corecto for that deal. and thank you

Jimmy Doheny


I do not think this LACK OF RESPECT by the moderators of Dealspotr who do not punish this user @saint11 who does what he wants in this reactive platform in non-human conditions.

It is not helpful this user to the community should close the account as he has done with many colleagues who do not look at 10% of what he has done and continues to commit violations.

Hopefully someone reads this and there is justice.

If Emily were there or Victoria David had already taken action but these new moderators do not do what they should.