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Greetings, change the points system? yesterday and early today we had more points for my publications, what is this?


Eddie Saenz There has been no change, you receive more points for certain deal types, like deal creation or posting from the deal projects.


Eddie Saenz I apologize, we have changed the amount of points you receive on deals.

We’re making quite a few changes on Dealspotr. Our goal is to ensure that we’re providing the web’s best deal search experience, and our platform will evolve over time as we try to achieve this goal. We’re currently revamping our overall deal posting system, which means a series of changes will roll out over the next few months. In some cases you’ll see an increase in points for certain types of deals you post, and in other cases you’ll see a decrease.

One of our challenges is to be sure we’re rewarding the members who are posting deals that are most helpful to shoppers, while addressing the cases of abuse or activity that are less helpful to shoppers. You’ll see a range of new features and changes in the coming months intended to address these issues.

We appreciate your patience as we make these changes, and we invite you to continue sharing your feedback here in the forums. While we won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time, we definitely listen to your concerns and incorporate them into our planning.


Dealspotr Support I would like to speak with a moderator, I do not know what happens with the page, it is the second time I have reduced points and my activity has changed considerably with the last time, which reduced my score, please, can help my problem, why my score was adjusted and they do it again, this page was really one of the best and every day their level of seriousness decreases considerably, they play with the time and the work of the people that belong to * Dealspotr *


Felix Cartagena Hi! We take our moderations very seriously because we want our shoppers to have the best experience on our site. We do not tolerate spam or abusive behavior. We appreciate all of the activity on Dealspotr, and encourage you to remember that you are being rewarded with points which you can then redeem for an Amazon gift card. These are in no way official paychecks or paystubs, as Dealspotr is a rewards site, not an employer. If you were deemed ineligible for a gift card you applied for, that cannot be changed. However, I can give you more details on which deals led to the rejection.