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Greetings, I have a problem with my account all my publications, I have a score of 4 to 6 points, my sister also works on the site and has similar events in similar stores and she has many more points just like I had before. My account has an Accuracy Score of 42%, what happens?


Dealspotr Support
all my publications have a score of 6 or 4 points, coupons, printables, all kinds of offers and this is not normal

scott lee

Dealspotr Support What abuse and disrespect to the community, and when processing the gift card is that all the validations go wrong, will it be that they do so to not give the gift cards? How are they not correcting them until the day, so the possibility of one also to correct the failure? Just tell me if you are eliminating the gift cards and one stops working on you, because those who win are only you, this really bothers me, they give me any excuse and even stores that I have not bought, can you explain me? Yesterday I processed it and my presicion score was 9 and today I get -1


scott lee I apologize for your dissatisfaction. We do not want to give rewards to users with poor behavior and with the number of deals we receive each day, we cannot go through all of them. When a user applies for a gift card, we must go through their validations to ensure that we are rewarding valid and useful behavior. If your score went down, that means your behavior was not valid.