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Grocery store rewards cards - what are the best little-known perks at each store?

That little tag on your keys may not only be good for saving money on groceries. Which grocery store's rewards card comes with the best perks?


Ralph's, my local LA grocery store, has rewards perks at Shell gas stations. Once you earn 100 rewards points in a month, you can redeem these at any Shell gas station for 10 cents off per gallon!

The best part? You can take a quick survey each month that awards you with 50 points each time - getting you halfway to that 10 cent discount!


Emily Helwig I shop mostly at my local Acme, and the card isn't required for sales anymore. However, when you use it, you get a lot more coupons that print out for your next purchase, and they also send coupons in the mail if you use it regularly.


Emily Helwig I moved from SoCal to St Louis 5 years ago, and I miss those Shell gas discounts from Ralphs!


Emily Helwig I shop at Kroger and for every 100 reward points earned, I receive 10 cents off per gallon at their gas station. They also offer weekly surveys worth 50 points each. Sometimes (especially during the summer months) they offer double points when you shop on the weekends. Sometimes buying gift cards at Kroger will earn you quadruple points.


Angie Bailey Wow! I know that Ralph's is a branch of the larger Kroger company - that must be why they have such similar rewards!


Emily Helwig I shop at Shaws & we don't really have a card but there is an app that gives you all sorts of coupons & often free items.


Emily Helwig We shop at Ingles and use their Advantage card to get fuel rewards on our purchases. Each dollar spent earns one fuel point (must how your Advantage card at checkout) and once you have 100 points, you can save $0.10 per gallon on a fill up! Every now and then, they run a 2x promotion where you get double the fuel points on your purchases.

Plus, Ingles has a Tools for Schools program, where they donate a portion of your purchases using your Advantage card to the school of your choice.


Emily Helwig My favorite grocery store, Aldi, does not have a rewards card. However, the deals at Aldi really can't be beat! The low prices and great deals keep me coming back!!!


Emily Helwig Kroger also does Friday Freebies. You just have to load the digital coupon to your rewards card on Friday, and then you have three weeks to pick up your freebie.


Emily Helwig None of my local stores have perks cards anymore! I had on idea it was still a thing.


Emily Helwig I am fond of the Giant Eagle rewards program. I bank with them too. I get double cashback/reward points at my bank on their purchases, points to use for gas when buying groceries, or points for groceries when buying gas. :)


Emily Helwig I love Meijer mPerks. You clip coupons at home and build up points to receive various gift cards off next purchases. For example, there's often $5 off, $3 off and $2 off select department store purchases. It's super easy to get the discounts when you use that store for all your large grocery purchases. It's a midwest department store chain only though. They always print out manufacturer coupons & excellent offers (example: $2 off $10 purchase of produce or bakery section) when you checkout too.