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nina perez

@toriadavid help with my accuracy score others edited my offers and ruined it


nina perez Hi! It is important to note that there is no way for another user to directly decrease your Accuracy Score (or your points) without a Dealspotr moderator first approving the action. That being said, I just fixed your accuracy score.


@toriadavid Hi, I would like to know why my score has been lowered which was the error thanks


Dailin Hi! I took a look at your account- it looks like you were flagged for formatting issues. When writing a tip try to keep the information basic and to the point. It is also important to avoid typos and mispellings or your Accuracy Score will be negatively impacted.


@toriadavid It, good morning, because my score of low precision, check my activity, this negative, and only had a bad


Amanda perez Hi! It looks like you lost points recently, because you entered the incorrect information for one of your deal posts. The good news is your other deal posts are still being reviewed, so you should start earning more points soon.

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