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hello administrator

hi i am just curious my accuracy score from +4 to 0????? why some mistakes or changes now??? We are hardworking to find deals but get this???? to speechless!! i am hurt!!


fatherofson i am new here.:) hope everything would be ok!


fatherofson Hi! I've moved your question to "How to Use Dealspotr" When posting a question in the forums please try to post in the appropriate section. Questions on deal posts should be posted in "How to Use Dealspotr."

It looks like you've lost points recently for problems with your tips and titles. For instance, the following tip was flagged for grammatical issues: "For me i like planting some flowers to make my house more beautiful so a good waterfall rinser is very important! This waterfall rinser is easy to use and can storage many water a time."

This is not what we are looking for our users to write in the tip section of the deal. The tip is there to help shoppers better understand the deal. If there are exclusions that is where you would place that information.