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Hello Comunity.

I think it was an abuse of her to be penalized that way, this was the message that was sent by dealspotr "Thank you for participating in Dealspotr. We reviewed your recent activity, and unfortunately we saw patterns that match patterns of abuse or unhelpful deal posting which may negatively impact the user experience on Dealspotr. In your case, you are reactivating codes incorrectly (short expiration date). Your account has been adjusted for this activity. We encourage you to continue your participation, please double check that any validations you’re making are truly helpful to shoppers on Dealspotr." , which clearly just says that the reason was for the coupon dates , where I was penalized with -30,000 and even with 21 of Accuracy I think it was an abuse to be penalized that way.


Linsay Nacary

It seems lost time write here, rarely respond.