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Why was my deal invalidated?

Hello good night, I have a doubt, I received an invalidation that I don't understand, i show you the print screen

Someone can tell me,what i did wrong?


I only had 2 invalidations, one that in my opinion you are right and in the other I want that to help me understand, why? this affect my score and I lost the gift.


And this user invalidated the title that I had and wrote that which affected my score, this is well was fair?


Alberto Garcia Hi! For the first one, the website says the deal is "Longitude starting at $35." Your title says "up to $35 off," which is not correct.

As far as the gift card, you may have been either focusing too hard on validating codes at one store. Try swithcing it up and trying deals at other stores, or try posting a different kind of deal!

For the last one, the validation you put said "Get $10 Discount on..." You can either say "$10 Discount on..." or "$10 Off on..."

Hope this helps!


Emily Helwig Hello emily, i have a question, when the score is coming down, how long does it take to send the why? Today I logged in, and saw that I am in 23 and I check all my notifications and I do not see the message "Oops! Your validation: ..." does something happen with my account?

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