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Good day, I am an old user, I wanted to see if they can put back the dates of 3 days to reactivate and validate, because I saw just as long as they do not give the same points they give less and I realize that there are many users that cost find reactivations and so I want to know if you can not put back the date of 3 days for all users to find reactivations, I am a user who has time in dealspotr and I would like too much to be put back 3 days, and also I would like to give points again in loading codes, because loading codes is a strong job to give few points. Well that was what I wanted to say and I hope and it will help all the users as Venezuelans who are going hungry and a lot of work :( that is why I want you to put again 3 days to the dates and give a little more points please , thank you for your passion.


♥Ästriđ. Thank you for your feedback. The recent change in point distribution is part of a series of changes we are making to the site. We don't disclose the details of our points system, but our goals are to maximize content quality for shoppers while making sure our most helpful users earn the top rewards. I hope you can continue to work with us as we grow and move forward.


Victoria David Your answers are disrespectful to the entire community. They are sterile and have no interest in solving or addressing the problem.

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