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help me please

Hello! I need you to help me, because I can not understand why every time I make a lot of money in gift cards I'm down, I was in 51 and now I'm in 11, it seems unfair that I have several months claiming my $ 90 gift card and that every time I get to $ 100 they want to lower points asking me to validate, re-activate and post discount coupons, when it really is what I do. I have read the rules and followed them exactly as you have specified them. It seems unfair to me that when I publish codes and when they reach a high sum of money, they stop checking me and when the time comes to pay for the gift card from nowhere I get points. Yesterday I arrived at $ 100 and today they took away -50,000 which I do not understand because, if I have not received any complaint that I'm doing something wrong on the page. Please answer me because I really do not understand, if they make daily changes I think they should notify us, and if they are going to go down, do it as they usually do, they would be published the code or verifications at 24 hours, do not wait for it to arrive have enough points so that from one day to the next they want to remove all without explanation.